This page includes multiple choice questions to test you knowledge about Shakespeare's work Henry IV Part I.

Questions from Act 1

Question One: Who does King Henry IV wish his son had been switched with at birth?
a) Falstaff
b) Hotspur
c) Blunt
d) Prince Hal

Question Two: Who says the opening words in the play?
a) King Henry IV
b) Prince Hal
c) Falstaff
d) Blunt

Question Three: Who asks Prince Hal what the time is?
a) Hotspur
b) Worcester
c) Falstaff
d) Blunt

Question Four: Who joins Hotspur in his plan to overthrow the King?
a) Bardolph and Falstaff
b) Prince Hal and Poins
c) Worcester and Northumberland
d) Blunt and Falstaff

Question Five: Who is the King's servant?
a) Blunt
b) Poins
c) Peto
d) Bardolph

Something to ponder: Do you think the king's opinion of his son is deserved, or radical?
Do you think the king deserves to be rebelled against for being so unappreciative to the people who aided him in achieving the throne of England?

Questions From Act 2

‚Äč Question One: Who joins Prince Hal in robbing Falstaff?
a) Poins
b) Peto
c) Gadshill
d) Blunt

Question Two: Who is Hotspur's wife?
a) Lady Mary
b) Lady Percy
c) Lady Bardolph
d) Lady Johnson

Question Three: Who is working with Falstaff to try to rob the carriers?
a) Bardoph
b) Gadshill
c) Peto
d) Hotspur

Question Four: Who mocks versions of Prince Hal and the King with Prince Henry?
a) Blunt
b) Peto
c) Hotspur
d) Falstaff

Question Five: Who lies about being robbed?
a) Falstaff
b) Gadshill
c) Hotspur
d) Poins

Something to ponder: Do you think Falstaff is telling a story of ridiculous proportion to the younger pub crawlers to impress or entertain?
In this act, the prince confirms his future plans to punish all of the pub crawlers for their actions. Do you think he will do this for prsonal reasons or to keep up with the royal family's reputation?

Questions from Act 3

Question 1: Who does Falstaff try to "swindle"?
a.) Poins
b.) The Prince
c.) The Hostess
d.) The Maid

Question 2: Who is the leader of the Welsh Rebels?
a.) Glendower
b.) Worcester
c.) Hal
d.) Northumberland

Question 3: Who does Prince Henry V promise to kill?
a.) Glendower
b.) Bardolph
c.) Hotspur
d.) Richard III

Question 4: Who did King Henry IV overthrow to become king?
a) Hotspur
b) Richard II
c) Vernon
d) Worcester

Question 5: Who does Falstaff think have an ugly face?
a.) Peto
b.) Hal
C.) Blunt
D.) Bardolph

Something to ponder: Is Falstaff morally good or bad?

Questions from Act 4

Question 1: Who is too sick to join the battle?
a.) Falstaff
b.) Henry V
c.) Poins
d.) Northumberland

Question 2: What does Falstaff do with his job of gathering men to fight in the army?
a.) He gets many able bodied men willing to fight
b.) He forgets completely
c.) He brings back beggers because he took money from men not wanting to fight
d.) He switches to the rebels' side

Question 3: What does gyves mean?
a.) ankle fetters
b.) rum
c.) petty coats
d.) beautiful women

Question 4: When does Hotspur decide to do after Blunt gives him the message?
a.) attack that night
b.) retreat for a while
c.) celebrate victory
d.) give up completely

Question 5: Who debates Hotspur's army's chance of winning?
a.) Blunt and Northumberland
b.) Hotspur and Hal
c.) Falstaff and Bardolph
d.) Sir Michael and the Archbishop

Something to ponder: Do you think Hal will kill Hotspur?
Questions from Act 5

Question 1: What is the Colossus?
a.) The God of War
b.) An army
c.) A large statue
d.) A sword

Question 2: What is compared to a hydra?
a.) The amount of King imposters
b.) The rebel's army
c.) Hotspur's ego
d.) The amount of beggers in the army

Question 3: Who kills Hotspur?
a.) Hal
b.) Hotspur killed himself
c.) Northumberland
d.) Falstaff

Question 4: Who pretended to kill Hotspur?
a.) Hal
b.) Glendower
c.) Northumberland
d.) Falstaff

Question 5: Who wins the battle?
a.) The Rebels
b.) The Pub goers
c.) The King and his army
d.) The Court

Question 6: who is set free in scene 5?
a.) Hotspur
b.) Vernon
c.) Douglas
d.) Worcester

Something to ponder: After reading the story, which side of the conflict do you think is good, and which side is evil? The Royalty or the rebels? And why?

Overall Questions (Do these after completing the book)

Question One: In what act and scene does Hal kill Percy?
a) Act One, Scene Two
b) Act Five, Scene One
c) Act Five, Scene Four
d) Act Two, Scene Two

Question Two: In what act does Hal make the promise to his father that he will change his ways?
a) Act One
b) Act Two
c) Act Three
d) Act Four

Question Three: Who is NOT a member of the Boar's Head Tavern Crew?
a.) Peto
b.) Pip
c.) Bardolph
d.) Poins

Concept Questions
What is the difference between verse and prose and how are they used in the play?

How is this a coming of age story?

Why does Hal choose to spend time with Falstaff and the Tavern crew?

What is Shakespeare's view about honor?

What is the significance of Hal's line "I will be more myself"?

What does rhetoric mean and why is it important in Henry IV Part 1?

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