Dearest Hotspur,
I am writing you this letter
As a farewell forever.
You childish desire for destruction and war
I wanted love and you wanted more.
The center of attention always remained the throne
We would never have been married if I had known.
I sit here alone as you rode off on a horse
And yet I am sure you don’t feel one bit of remorse.
You will probably die without loving me
Which is why I am telling you that I am done with thee.
I deserve a man who cherishes his wife
One that always pleases and doesn’t search for strife.
I deserve a man who is strong in the heart
One that is smart and doesn’t just throw a dart.
I deserve a man who is sensitive and sweet
One that can win and accomplish many feats.
I guarantee you that the prince shall tare you down
For he has more respect and love for the crown.
While he is often immature and irresponsible too
My letter is solely saying, that we are threw.
Maybe Hal will be the man to fulfill all my dreams
He is the man who truly only gleams.
Farewell Hotspur the weak
Hal shall slit your throat and you shall never speak.
Yours truly,

This was a poem written to express the arrogance and the attitude portrayed
by Hotspur throughout the entire play. He treats his wife with disrespect as well as many other
men whom respect him in return. I felt as if more to the story needed to be added besides
the fact that the "bad guy," died in the end. This is for anyone who enjoyed the love aspect
of the play. By: Gabriella Starkey