Above is a satirical take on Act 2, Scene 4 of Shakespeare Henry Iv, Part 1.
In this scene, Falstaff proceeded to lie about how the money was stolen from them.
He uses obscene sarcasm and humor to pursuade people that he is telling the truth.
I thought that it would be a good scene to make more fun with funny voices and effects.

Above is an interpretation of Act 2 Scene 3 of Henry IV Part I. This scene begins with Hotspur reading a letter from a lord whom he has asked for help needed for deposing the King. While reading, Hotspur comments every so few lines. Following the monologue, Hotspur has an extremely heated and intense quarrel with his wife, Kate Percy. Kate questions her husband why he won't spend his time with her and why he has been taken away by wars so much. She then questions his love...listen on to see what he tells her!

-Courtney Kim (Kate Percy) & Stephanie Osei (Henry Percy, messenger)

The clip above is Act two Scene Four taken from Henry IV Part 1. Prince Hal and Falstaff both take turns acting as King Bolingbroke. In Hal's acting he discloses some future actions he plans, and interjects horrible insults about Falstaff and his weight problem.

Jared Goodwin- Falstaff
Brian Lee- Prince Hal

This clip is from Act 1 Scene 3 from lines 133-313 from Henry IV Part 1.