For years the Spanish Armada was the super power of the sea. With England's victory over Spain came the control of the seas. The power of England's fleet lead to the countries Golden Age. During this golden Age there was a surplus of money and work and as a result the arts flourished. If not for England's victory over Spain then artists such as Shakespeare would not have been able to do writings or paintings.

England's War With Spain

England's victory over the Spanish Armada was possibly the greatest victory in England's history. Queen Elizabeth proved her significance to the country by playing a large role in the victory. Although the Queen was often seen as peaceful and refined, she was on the shorelines inspiring her people to victory. This victory played a large role in contributing to England's Golden Age. At the time the Spanish had the greatest fleet in the world. When they were defeated England took this role.
  • In July 1588, King Philip II of Spain sent a huge Armada of 130 ships and 30,000 men

Relationship's Between Spain and England

England and Spain were very close to start off with. There was even thoughts of marriage between Queen Elizabeth and Philip II of Spain. However as their relationship progressed it began to deteriorate. Religion had a factor in this. England was a Protestant country and Spain was Roman Catholic. Also, the Spanish people did not believe that Queen Elizabeth had a right to the throne. They thought that she had come to the throne illegitimately. They also thought that their ruler, Philip II, deserved to be King of England. He believed that he was a descendant to the throne by John of Gaunt, and he believed he had a rightful place as Queen Mary I's husband. In 1585 he began to build a fleet to attack England.

The Battle at Tilbury

Instead of remaining at her home, when word reached the Queen that the Spanish fleet was drawing near she immediately went to the shore at Tilbury. Riding her white horse the Queen gave a famous speech at Tilbury inspiring her soldiers to fight towards victory. She was later nicknamed the Warrior Queen.
The Spanish were overwhelmingly defeated in the sea battle. England's superior tactics and ships overpowered Spain's numbers. A powerful storm swept away the Spanish ships. England was victorious. The people believed that it was the Protestant God that blew the storm that led them to victory. They were know the greatest sea power in the world. This victory was one of the Greatest in English history and was a significant reason that England entered its Golden Age, the Golden Age is during Queen Elizabeths rule.